I am fascinated by a word’s ability to represent such a variety of meanings; how its interpretation can vary based on an individual’s experience relating to culture, location and current mood—just to name a few. For example, an adult who’s described as cute in Australia is often construed as having a similar desirability to that of a child or animal. However, in Japan, being referred to by others as cute (kawaii) is appreciated by women and men of all ages.

I only write and edit content I feel I can connect with. If commissioned to work on an article outside my area of expertise or general interest, I use the opportunity to familiarise myself with the work of others and investigate ways to employ new words and language conventions to not only satisfy the reader, but my own desire to expand my breath of knowledge.

My employable services include journalism, copywriting, editing and narrative development. Samples of each are featured on my homepage.

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